EZ Dock® Gangways Systems

Engineered with the same technology and quality as our EZ Dock sections, our gangways and ramps provide uncompromised durability and versatility. We offer gangways manufactured from aluminum, wood and polyethylene, allowing you to create a perfect access point for your dock system. Many of our gangway ramps can also be used with existing docks. Contact us today to see which gangway is right for you.


EZ Dock's polyethylene gangway is created with our patented process and offers the same strength, stability and versatility of our dock sections. It will last longer than wood, and its slip-resistant beige surface is more comfortable to the touch. Our polyethylene gangway is available in 6' (1.82m) sections that can be combined to lengths of 12' (3.65m) or 18' (5.48m). Railings are available for added safety.


Custom Aluminum Gangways To Fit Your Needs

Gangway (Aluminum)

Part# G110208 TO G100524


Gangway has welded construction with slip-resistant walkway, side curb, and rail. Lengths from 10'-30' (3.1m-9.1m), and widths of 3' & 5' (1m&1.5m).

Gangway (Polyethylene)

Part#400406 (6'section)


Poly ramp to match the same non skid texture as the dock sections.





Gangway Roller Kit

Part#300300,300400 or 300350


Gangway roller kit allows end of gangway to adjust with changing water levels. Available for all gangway kits.

Transition Plate

Part#G200350,G200450 or G200550

Hinged aluminum plate creates smooth transition between shore grade and aluminum gangway deck.


Abutment Hinge Bracket


Bracket attaches to the shore end of 3' (91cm) and 5' (1.5cm) aluminum gangways bolting to shoreline abutment.

Gangplank (Wooden Kit)

Part#100240,100340,or 100600

Galvanized steel hinge bracket and hardware, for wood walkways 24" (61cm), 34" (86cm), or 60" (1.5m) wide. Lumber not included.


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