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EZ Dock Accessories

Create your ideal waterfront environment by adding an array of accessories from EZ Dock, including storage boxes, cleats, benches, ladders, slides and more. These products work seamlessly with our patented floating dock systems, and most can be used with existing docks as well. Every one of EZ Dock’s accessories is engineered with safety, durability, low maintenance, and maximum fun and relaxation in mind.


Swim ladder


EZ Dock swim ladder is a one-piece polyethylene ladder designed for maximum safety, with no exposed hardware and supports up to 400Lbs. (181kg) of weight capacity.  Slip-resistant textured surface stays cool in hot weather.

Dock slide


The popular slide is a great addition to your floating dock for added family fun.  The slide utilizes rugged, durable, polyvinyl-coated steps, and a one-piece polyethylene bed-way, for a smooth ride.  Install with almost any EZ Dock where water depth is more than 5”TM (1.5m).

EZ Stow Storage Box

Dock Box #300600 Our square storage box has Roomy  storage in a compact design.

Corner Storage Box


Our corner storage box has roomy storage in a compact design that makes the most of available space without interfering with foot traffic. Connection boxes for complete utility hookups through this box are also available.

EZ Float step ladder


Aluminum ladder with polyethylene float tank that keeps the ladder out of the water when not in use but is readily available when needed.

Polyethylene Bench Kit

#300970 or 300965 (without arms)

Relax and take a seat in EZ Dock”TMs polyethylene dock bench.  EZ to clean and with the arm option, it comes complete with cup holders for your cool-refreshing drink.  Hardware is included with both options to attach to any EZ Dock system.

Tie-Up Cleat


EZ Dock tie down cleats attach to heavy-duty stainless steel T-nuts molded in pairs around dock section perimeters.  Cleats are 8”

10″ Tie-Up Cleat


Made from Aluminum the 10″ tie-up cleat is designed for larger dock lines.

Hardware Connector Male


For attaching various accessories.

Dock bumper


The new dock bumper comes complete, ready to install onto any dock.

Dock Wheels


Need to move a dock section? With EZ Dock dock wheels, you can do just that. Constructed of steel frames and polyethylene wheels that make movement of docks easier. Perfect for docks at camps and colder climates where dock sections are taken out on an annuals basis. Sold in pairs.

Kayak Hoop


Aluminum Kayak/paddle board grab pole,makes getting in and out of the water easier without falling in.

Hardware Connector Female


For attaching various accessories.

Retractable Aluminum Dock Ladder


Aluminum retractable ladder,the best quality made! available in 5&7 step.

also wide step is available.

Security Curbing

SKU: 35116
EZ Dock Security Curbing’s polyethylene construction provides a safe border around dock edges for wheelchairs, with a dark color contrast for easy visibility.  

Aluminum Kayak/paddle board grab pole,makes getting in and out of the water easier without falling in.

Kayak Rack

2 Tier aluminum Kayak rack.

Fish Cleaning Station

DIMENSIONS: 52″ X 61″ X 13″
SKU: 300990
Available in a small model with an 18″ X 44″ cutting board or a large model with a 4-foot fish table with optional add-ons, both stations are made of marine aluminum designed to withstand dockside weather conditions and marine use.

Polyethylene Posts for Handrails

DIMENSIONS: 9″ x 9″ x 55.5″
SKU: 100900
This handrail can be used as a grab post or accessory attachment post. It comes with 8 embedded T-nut locations for cleat attachment and recessed holes that can be drilled for tube or rope handrails.

Floating Dock Accessories

EZDock has a variety of accessories including:

  • Storage boxes. Dock storage boxes allow you to store necessary items such as ropes, life vests, and anything else you could use on the water. The 7′ Dock Box, for example is large enough to store anything within reason
  • Cleats, Sturdy tie-up cleats allow you to secure your watercraft or boat.
  • Benches. Our Polyethylene Bench Kit and other benches help you enjoy your time in the water whether you’re swimming, or boating.
  • Ladders. Swim ladders make it safer to enter and leave your water craft. Our EZ Float step ladder has sturdy  handles, allowing everyone to climb out of the water safely.
  • Dock bumpers. These will help Protect your boats and equipment  the impact of the boat bumping up against the dock.
  • Slides. Transfer slide benches let users easily climb onto watercraft, even if they have mobility challenges.