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If you have a dock at your place of business or your home, do you have a reliable dock anchoring system? This tends to be one of the most overlooked parts of docks. And yet, it’s also one of the most important components for safety.

Without dock anchoring systems, docks are vulnerable to wakes, ice, wind, debris and storms. All of these challenges can damage or even destroy a dock. EZ Dock dock anchoring systems are designed to help you protect your investment in all kinds of weather.

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Pipe Augers
Part#100255 or 100355
Auger with bolt and nut allows for drilling and setting pipe in lake, river or ocean bottoms. Pipe sold separately.

Floating Dock Adaptor Hinge Kit
Part#100750 or 100750ss(stainless)

Reversible hinge allows you to bolt EZ Port PWC lifts or EZ Dock sections to other types of floating docks.

Piling Bracket and Hoop

Mainframe piling bracket is predrilled for hoops from 4″ (10cm) to 24″ (61cm) wide. Includes connectors with nuts. Hoops sold separately

Heavy-Duty Pipe Bracket
Part#210250 or 210350

Heavy-duty polyethylene pipe bracket allows docks to adjust to changing water levels.

Standard – Duty Pipe Bracket
Part# 135250 or 135350

Standard-duty bracket provides ample anchoring for EZ Port PWC lifts, or for smaller docks in moderate conditions.

Deadweight Bracket (Large)
Part#210350 and 100725p

Add a deadweight insert to our heavy-duty polyethylene pipe bracket to anchor docks in deep water or over rocky bottoms.

Deadweight Winch Insert
Part# 210350 and 100730

Deadweight insert and cable winch added to our polyethylene pipe bracket allows easy dock adjustment for water fluctuations. Cable sold separately.

Deadweight Bracket (Small)
Part#100740 or 100740ss(stainless)

For light-duty anchoring with chain and/or to attach 4″ x 4″ (10cm x 10cm) railing or mooring posts. Chain sold separately.

Stiff-Arm (Heavy Duty)

SKU# 800099

Our heavy-duty stiff-arm allows you to anchor to a shoreline abutment or a shoreline post.

Deadweight Stiff Arm Combo Bracket

This combination bracket can be used with both EZ DOCK’s deadweight or stiff arm anchoring system.

Adjustable Piling Bracket

Heavy-duty polyethylene bracket allows lateral position adjustments to attach to piles up to 18″in diameter.

Considerations When Securing A Floating Dock

Before choosing a dock anchoring system, you will need to consider:

Local regulations
Water depth
Local climate and potential challenges
Water fluctuation
Dock users
Do I Need to Anchor?

For residential customers, anchoring systems keep your boat and dock safe, protecting your investment and ensuring you get many more years of fun on the water. With the right dock anchors for a floating dock, you may be able to avoid the high cost of significant storm and weather damage.