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EZ Dock products are your go to for docks and dock accessories. They is durable, versatile, and easily installed regardless of the application.  We have docks that will fit many needs, such as residential, commercial, special event or more. 

EZ Dock is a major brand for floating docks and PWC lifts because they deliver products that are versatile, aesthetically pleasing, and low maintenance, therefore making your waterfront easier to manage. Regardless if you are looking for leisure time for yourself or increasing profits for your business EZ Dock’s accessories offer many advantages. Other than their floating, modular and composite design, they have peerless adaptability, excellent performance in rough water, and excellent strength and durability with almost no maintenance. Additionally they are easily accessible, and easily installed.

EZDock products such as EZ Port floating marine docks, lifts for boats, and drive-on docks for your personal water craft are very well constructed. 

EZ Dock Tampa

Floating Dock Applications


Special Applications

Holding Pins for Sea Life such as Dolphins
Boat Rental Docks
Water Testing Stations Dive Docks
Fishing  Docks
Floating Walkways & Bridges
Water Taxi Docks
Homeland Security & Law Enforcement Docks
Peddle Boat Docks
Swim Docks
Wakeboard Docks
Canoe Docks
Sailboat Docks
Temporary Docks
Eco Park Docks
Floating Work Platform
Beach Access
Trails & Walkways
Water Park Docks
Kayak Docks