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Do you need floating docks for one time use such as special events or construction? We have you covered!! We can rent docks for fishing tournaments, triathlon, & swim events, concerts and other events or activities on the water. Additionally we can rent them for work activities such as temporary work platforms & walkways, our EZ Dock sections can be readily deployed and changed to meet your needs.

We can include delivery, installation, tear down, and pick up in our pricing if you need these services. For more information call 813-917-0331 or click below.

EZ Dock Tampa
Examples of how our floating docks could be used
Floating Bridges
Floating Walkways
Floating footpath diversions
Floating Maintenance Platform
Floating water pumps
Floating Camera Platform
Floating Stages, weddings parties, events
Floating Firework Platform
Floating Marquee
Floating Platform for swimming events
Float an Excavator
Floating Advertising
Floating Film Set

Floating Fishing Platform
Floating Platform For Bridge Maintenance
Dock Rental For Public Events
Dock Rental For Commercial Services
Working Platform for Pier and bridge maintenance
Vehicle and pedestrian bridges
Temporary floating Jetties
Excavator platform for de-silting
Tree Maintenance over canals, rivers and lakes
Floating Stages for concerts, weddings and parties
Swimming Pool Divider
Floating Platform for work over Swimming Pools