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EZ Kayak Launch

The EZ Launch® Systems are a safe and easy way to launch and dock kayaks and canoes. Great for people with disabilities, children or seniors. Users will feel confident transferring into their watercraft independently and securely, and launching with stability and ease.

Take a look at the options below to find a configuration that works best for you. Not sure what you need? Contact us for a customized setup or more information, call 1-813-917-0331.

EZ Kayak Launch

EZ Kayak Launch is the quickest, easiest way to reconnect with the nature you love. Whether you have the whole day ahead of you or just a few minutes to spare, our launch provides security and stability to both seasoned veterans and novice kayakers, getting you into the water faster and more often than ever before.

EZ Launch® Features:

  • Guide rails for easy access in and out of the water
  • Launch rollers for easy movement of the watercraft
  • Floating platform that adjusts to changing water levels

EZ Launch® for Universal Access

A first in the industry, the EZ Launch® Accessible Transfer System for kayaks and canoes provides individuals with disabilities accessibility that exceeds the minimum requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The easy-to-use transfer bench and transfer slide boards allow users to simply sit, slide over and drop down into a kayak or canoe then use the side rails to pull off or back on.

EZ Launch® Features:

  • Transfer bench with two heights for easy transfer from wheelchairs
  • Transfer slide boards with two heights for differing watercraft sizes
  • Railing system for slide board stabilization and transfer support for easy side movement