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EZ Kayak Launch is the quickest, easiest way to reconnect with the nature you love. Whether you have the whole day ahead of you or just a few minutes to spare, our launch provides security and stability to both seasoned veterans and novice kayakers, getting you into the water faster and more often than ever before.Take a look at the options below to find a configuration that works best for you. Not sure what you need? Contact us for a customized setup or more information, call 1-813-917-0331.


Part Number: 500952

The drive-through EZ Launch allows you to launch or dock your kayak or canoe on either side of the launch. Just push or pull forward using the aluminum rails that extend over the water. Available in a small or large EZ Dock design.

Transfer slide bench with grab rail and sign

Part Number: 5008900

The Transfer Bench is built with two heights for easy transfer from wheelchairs of varying sizes and two Transfer Slide Boards to accommodate differing watercraft heights. The Transfer Slide Boards land securely on a railing system that stabilizes the slide board and provides grab bar assistance for easy side movement. All users can simply sit, slide over and drop down into a kayak or canoe then utilize the side rails to pull off or back on.

EZ Launch®, One way

Part Number: 500962

The one-way EZ Launch system allows you to easily launch or dock your canoe or kayak by pushing forward on aluminum rails that extend over the water.

EZ Launch®, Drive through ADA

Part Number: 500953

The addition of the easy-to-use ADA Transfer Bench system to the drive-through EZ Launch allows people with disabilities, children or seniors to feel confident transferring into their watercraft independently and provides extra stability when launching and docking. EZ Dock Security Curbing’s polyethylene construction also provides a safe border around dock edges for wheelchairs, with a dark color contrast for easy visibility.

The EZ Launch for Kayaks and Canoes was the first port system built specifically for paddlers. It’s so simple and safe to use that everyone will find boarding, launching and recovery a breeze. The rollers and guide rails make it easy to “glide” on and off. It can even be configured for universal accessibility that exceeds the requirements of the ADA. EZ Launch is a floating system that adjusts to changing water levels. It provides ample “foot space” on both sides and in the front to allow for optimum access and stability. Simply put, EZ Launch provides unparalleled ease and safe access for all paddlers of all abilities, along with their gear and their vessels, when launching and docking.

EZ Launch®, Drive through large

Part Number: 500955

The drive-through EZ Launch allows you to launch or dock your kayak or canoe on either side of the launch. Just push or pull forward using the aluminum rails that extend over the water. Available in a small or large EZ Dock design.


Regardless if you’re a a neophyte or a seasoned veteran on the water the EZ Launch from EZ Dock gives security and stability to help you enter and leave your kayaks, canoes, or water with total confidence. Like our other products the unique one-piece design of the kayak docking system adjusts to the changing water levels. They also have built-in launch-assist paddle notches for stable entry and exit launching and docking. They have a wider format with a V-shaped entry that centers the kayak or canoe for easy and consistent launches. And because it connects seamlessly with standard and low profile EZ Dock sections or other traditional docks our EZ Kayak Launch can be installed almost anywhere.

  • The integrated paddle notches give easy and safe launching and docking make launching and docking safe and easy. Paddles stay safe and and secure while users are entering or exiting their boat, no extra work is necessary to keep the paddles secured.
  • One-standard piece floating construction allows the launches to rise and fall with changing water levels, making it easier for users to enter and leave the dock and water.
  • Our V-shaped centers the vessel for stable and confident launch. Rookie kayakers and canoers can feel more at ease with the added stability.
  • Wider format allows you to launch kayaks and canoes, If you’re looking for a more accessible kayak floating dock, contact EZ Dock for kayak dock solutions that fit your needs.
  • Seamless connections enable you to connect the launch to any dock (standard floating or traditional fixed). Easy installation lets this conveniently become a part of your existing dock system.