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Kayak Launches are very necessary because they are specially designed for canoes and kayaks. Most docks are designed for larger watercraft making it more difficult to enter and leave a canoe or kayak. However EZ  Dock provides a durable and stable system for this task, making it easier for both the experienced and the new kayaker or canoer.
Our floating dock designed was key in engineering an easy-to-use, flexible launch that makes entering your canoe or kayak easy, and fast. Regardless of if you’re a rookie or a seasoned kayaker who needs some assistance, the Kayak Launch allows enthusiasts of all skill levels to easily enter and exit.




The EZ Kayak Launchers have several features that help set them apart from the rest.

  • V entry. The entry on the Kayak Launch has a “V” shape, allowing the kayaker center and stabilize their kayak for an simple launch. Beginning kayakers will be able to get in and out of the water more easily with this feature.
  • Paddle notches. Our integrated paddle notches on our EZ Kayak Launch make launching easy and safe while users are entering or exiting the kayak.
  • Seamless connections. Our  Kayak Launch is designed to be easy to connect, whether you have a traditional fixed dock or a standard floating dock. Of course, our  Kayak Launch works well with our equally durable and versatile docks.
  • Easy customization. Our residential kayak launches and docks are easily customizable and adaptable. Regardless if you’re on saltwater or freshwater or an oddly shaped water way our docks and launches will fit together and hep you enjoy your time on the water.
  • Durable. Our won’t rot or give to the ravages of salt water corrosion because of the durable materials that they are constructed from. They have even resisted storms and hurricane like conditions.
  • One-piece construction. Our kayak launch for your lake home is a one piece floating dock for greater stability. This construction allows your dock to rise and fall with water levels and keeps it more stable. The one-piece floating dock construction also helps your kayak launch withstand stormy weather.
  • Low-maintenance. Our docks and launches are not made from wood and therefore won’t peel or splinter. You won’t have to repaint or replace planks that were rotted through.