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Kayak Rack
2 Tier aluminum kayak rack

This marine aluminum kayak rack mounts on an EZ Dock system or any other wood or metal fixed or floating dock. Designed to hold up to 2 kayaks comfortably. Paddle boards and surf boards can be stored as well.

Reclaim your live dock space by storing them on the edge of the dock. Standard EZ Dock hardware connectors can be used or lag bolts for wood or metal docks. Made in U.S.A

Kayak/Paddle Board Grab Hoop

Aluminum Kayak/paddle board grab Hoop,makes getting in and out of the water easier without falling in and getting injured.

Getting on and off a Paddle Board/Kayak has never been easier. Simply paddle up to the dock and grab on to the mounted handrail to safely exit your Paddle Board/kayak. This addition takes up very little space on your EZ DOCK,but makes life EZ.

Made in U.S.A


Retractable Aluminum Dock Ladder

The Lift Ladder is an innovative, retractable ladder featuring a new and improved heavy-duty rung hangar (Patent No. 6,422,530). To extend the life of the ladder, simply pull up the lower section above the water line to eliminate marine growth. the plastic coated lift cable will provide long lasting service. Available in 5 & 7 step. Wide step is also available.

Best quality made!

Made in the U.S.A


2 Tier adjustable Aluminum Kayak/paddle board rack

Keep your kayak and paddle boards off the dock to give you more walk around room. Adjustable to fit all size kayaks and paddle boards. All Racks are made with heavy duty aluminum square tubbing and stainless steel hardware.